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Here to Develop the Youth While Inspiring them to Never Give Up



Stephon Small, The Founder & Head Coach of the NGU Hoops, has played on all levels. This includes playing basketball in high school, college, and professionally. With this experience, he knows exactly what it takes to get to this next level. His main goal is to develop the youth so that they can achieve their goals.

Training program Available

Individual training sessions for all levels are available. Please sign up for more information.

Upcoming Schedule

September 17
NGU Hoops Vs. London Elite
Grapevine Fieldhouse
2:00 PM
September 23
NGU Hoops Vs. Team Alpha 1
Grapevine Fieldhouse
3:00 PM
October 15
Crusaders Vs. NGU Hoops
Grapevine Fieldhouse
2:00 PM
October 21
NGU Hoops Vs. Crusaders
Grapevine Fieldhouse
7:00 PM
October 22
Make A Swish Vs. NGU Hoops
Grapevine Fieldhouse
2:00 PM
November 5
NGU Hoops Vs. Shootaz
Grapevine Fieldhouse
2:00 PM
November 12
NGU Hoops Vs. AYG 2026 Gold
Grapevine Fieldhouse
2:00 PM

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Teams will play league games and also tournaments which may have an additional price.




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Join The Training Program

Training sessions are catered to the player’s abilities. The package includes 2 60-minute sessions a week.



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